Grading and Drainage in Media

Flooding can cause harm not only to plants, but can wash away soil, mulch, and occasionally newly laid grass. Media, PA gets more rain per year than the national average. This means that it is essential to have a landscape that has had proper Grading & Drainage work done to ensure that there is no flooding around the property.

Our professional team is licensed to handle drainage projects that prevent the build up of sitting water, which reduces stress on your landscape as a whole. If during rain storms you notice large puddles forming, please call one of our team members before it does any more harm. — 484-684-5500

Drainage solutions in Media, PA

Why Invest in a Grading or Drainage Solution?

Grading is done for a number of reason. One of which is to redirect water away from the house and into a controlled location that was made to collect water. By doing so, this protects your plants, lawn, and most importantly the foundation of your home.

We can also design a drainage solution to collect running water. After evaluating your home, we can install pop up drains, yard drainage systems, and we also do swales for surface draining. During the process, we’ll help you make a decision on which solution is best for the case you’re in. After all, not all properties are the same, so our team will help identify problem areas and create a unique solution.

See One of Our Past Drainage Projects.

We helped a family in Garnet Valley with a drainage problem as well as exposed street drainage pipes installed by the city. To assist, we re-graded the entire front and back lawn and also added some pretty nice size boulders to hold everything in place.

Because this property had township street drains running right through their backyard (which were about a foot in diameter). We installed the steppers for functionality and also to hide the ugly pipe. You can’t see it from the picture but we also fabricated and created a concrete channel drain so the water would go underneath the steps, while at the same time providing structural integrity.

The back lawn was also elevated and properly pitched so we could control the flow of water and keep it away from the home. The drainage basin was installed so when we had torrential downpours the water had a place to go because of Bethel townships existing drainage system.


ScapeWorx has been a trusted part of Media, PA since 2009. Anytime we arrive at your property, we will do our absolute best to provide you with outstanding service and results.

To show you just how serious we are, ScapeWorx offers a satisfaction guarantee as well as industry-leading warranties for the materials and work we do.

Here’s what you get when you choose ScapeWorx to transform your landscape:

1. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not happy, we’ll fix it.

2. Our 5 Year Hardscaping Warranty: If you see a problem, we’ll come back and fix the problem for FREE! Learn More About Our Warranties.

3. Our Double Insurance Protection: We hold a $1 MILLION dollar insurance policy as well as an additional $1 MILLION dollar umbrella.

4. Trained, Licensed, and Vetted Staff: Our team can transform your landscape and can take on any challenge.

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