Hardscaping in Garnet Valley, Glen Mills, Media, & Wallinford PA

Hardscaping in Garnet Valley, Glen MIlls, Media, & Waalingford PA

Hardscaping refers to the fixed, solid, nonliving aspects of your landscape. Hardscapes are things like retaining walls, patios, fire pits, stairs, and so forth. They are made of a variety of materials from stonework to pavers to brick to flagstone and more. Hardscapes add function and value to your property’s landscape.

Set the Style with Hardscapes


Drainage in Glen Mills, Media, Garnet Valley, & Wallingford, PA

Drainage in Garnet Valley, Media, Glen Mills, Wallingford, PA

5 possible reasons why your lawn could be flooding!!!

Your yard is something to be proud of. After putting effort and time into caring for your lawn, the last thing you want is for  excess water to strip away your soil and drown your plants. Once you have found the perfect look for your lawn, don’t let it get washed away. At ScapeWorx we are here to help you with all of your flooding issues.

Here are some helpful tips on how your lawn could be suffering from flooding.


Benefits of a Landscape Lighting Installation

Homeowners invest a lot of time and money into making the outside of their homes look great. Why should all that eye-catching beauty fade to black when night falls? As the top hardscaping company in and around Chester County, PA, we provide outdoor lighting solutions that highlight homes’ unique architectural features and well-manicured yards while adding increased safety and security to any outdoor area.


What’s Better than Cooking for Family and Friends? Cooking Outside for Them!

Here at Scapeworx, we’re proud to be one of the most reputable providers of landscape design, installation, and maintenance services across Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Our highly trained team of landscape professionals offer competitive prices on a wide range of services. We create amazing landscapes for families and friends to enjoy including outdoor patios and dining areas. But what are the benefits of eating outside?

Entertainment Value


The Benefits of Turning to ScapeWorx for Landscaping Services This Spring

In an effort to get our customers’ properties in pristine condition for the warmer days ahead, ScapeWorx proudly offers a variety of comprehensive Spring landscaping services for our residential customers and the landscapes surrounding their properties. Whether you’d like our team to get your lawn and garden set with our Spring Clean-Up, where our team will clean up the remnants of winter such as debris, leaves, and sticks from your lawn and garden; or you’re interested in additional services such as weeding, pruning, or mulch installation, ScapeWorx is here to help!   


The Benefits of Landscape Design With ScapeWorx

Whether you’ve owned a property for years or you’re just in the beginning stages of building your very first home, one of the most important factors to consider is the value that the proper landscaping will add to your lot. Not only will the appropriate landscaping add immense aesthetic value, but the proper design will increase your property’s appraisal value and even lower utility costs substantially.


Choosing the Landscaping Company

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When it Comes to Choosing the Right Landscaping Company there are Somethings You Need to Know.

Do Your Research before you Hire a Professional Landscaping Company. Here are the 5 Most Important Things to Look for:


Watering Grass Seed

Watering Grass Seed by ScapeWorx Landscaping & Design, Inc.

in West Chester, Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, Delaware County, and Chester County PA

Watering Grass Seed in West Chester PA, Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, & Media PA

Watering your new grass seed is extremely important! You want to make sure the new seed and soil stays stays moist. This is best for the germination of the seed. You should water it twice a day depending on temperatures. If it’s hot out you might need to step it up to 3 times a day. 


Pruning Tips

Pruning Tips from ScapeWorx Landscaping & Design, Inc

for Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, West Chester, Delaware & Chester County

Regular pruning and maintenance has benefits for most plants, trees, and shrubs. Here in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, and West Chester pruning is typically done in the spring and in the fall.  It is always good to remove dead, dying, and unwanted branches.  


Watering New Plants

Watering New Plants from ScapeWorx Landscaping & Design

in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, West Chester, Delaware County, and Chester County, PA

Watering Plants in Garnet Valley - ScapeWorx

Watering your newly planted shrubs, perennials, annuals, and trees is very crucial in the overall survival of the plants. Water is essential in all living things without it none of us would be here. If you live in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, West Chester, Media, Delaware County, or Chester County, PA here are a few tips to help you out.

When you water your newly planted items it doesn’t do no good unless the water reaches the roots. Hold the hose directly over plant like the picture on the left and give it a good dousing. You also want to water them as soon as they are in the ground. Let the water soak in, and then water them again until the soil is extremely moist.



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