Pruning Tips

Pruning Tips from ScapeWorx Landscaping & Design, Inc

for Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, West Chester, Delaware & Chester County

Regular pruning and maintenance has benefits for most plants, trees, and shrubs. Here in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, and West Chester pruning is typically done in the spring and in the fall.  It is always good to remove dead, dying, and unwanted branches.  


Watering New Plants

Watering New Plants from ScapeWorx Landscaping & Design

in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, West Chester, Delaware County, and Chester County, PA

Watering Plants in Garnet Valley - ScapeWorx

Watering your newly planted shrubs, perennials, annuals, and trees is very crucial in the overall survival of the plants. Water is essential in all living things without it none of us would be here. If you live in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, West Chester, Media, Delaware County, or Chester County, PA here are a few tips to help you out.

When you water your newly planted items it doesn’t do no good unless the water reaches the roots. Hold the hose directly over plant like the picture on the left and give it a good dousing. You also want to water them as soon as they are in the ground. Let the water soak in, and then water them again until the soil is extremely moist.


Watering Sod

Watering Sod by ScapeWorx Landscaping & Design, Inc.

in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, West Chester, Delaware County, and Chester County PA

Sod Installation - Garnet ValleyProper Watering and Care for your sod is very crucial during the first 10 days.

Don’t allow the sod to dry out… It must be kept wet and damp at all times.

Traffic on the sod must be limited. Do not walk on it unless absolutely necessary. Keep pets and any machinery off the sod for the first 3 weeks.

Check for any signs of disease, such as fungus, within 3 days of the sod installation. This is more likely to occur when the temperature and humidity levels are high.


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