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ScapeWorx Vinca in Media, Garnet Valley, Glen MIlls, & Wallingford PA - ScapeWorx

ScapeWorx Landscaping & Design Offers Seasonal Color Planting in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, and Wallingford, PA!

Want your home to stand out in your neighborhood? Give us a call or fill out out Free Quote Form. We can put on a display of color that Make Your Neighbors Jealous!

We will design, deliver, and install a display of colorful annuals that will add to the beauty of your home.

Vinca’s are an annual that bloom nonstop from early summer to the fall. Vincas are drought tolerant and barely require maintenance. You don’t even need to deadhead them. The grow from 12 to 18 inchestall and they come in white, red, purple, magenta, and they even have varieties that come with 2 colors. The center is the flower is usually the darker more vibrant color. They also attract butterflies. They do require full sun to look their best.

Wave Petunia’s are extremely popular as well. They grow fast and also have non-stop color thru the early summer into the fall. They do require full sun and regular watering, so they look their best. They come in a variety of colors so they can really accent you’re your beds and potters to make them eye catching.

Marigolds come in yellow, burgundy, and orange. They have very nice compact pom pom like flowers. They are low maintenance and their eye-catching blooms last all summer long, but you should dead head the blooms. Fertilizing them with Bio-tone Starter Plus every 6 weeks really helps them keep their beautiful color & maintain a healthy root system.

Fall Mums in Garnet Valley, Glen MIlls, Media, & Wallingford PA - ScapeWorx

ScapeWorx Can Help You Out With Your Seasonal Color Planting Needs in Glen Mills if you live in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, and Wallingford, PA!

We do Residential.We do Commercial. If you want your place to stand out from every other property on your block Call Us Today!

We can make your place Pop with color with the change of every season!
In the Spring, Summer, and Fall we can put on an array of color that make your guests and neighbors jaw drop in awe!

If your property is in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, or Wallingford PA Call us Today, Matter of fact Call us Right Now. You will not be disappointed.

You can also fill out our FREE ESTIMATE Form right here on our website.

In Glen Mills, Chrysanthemums or commonly known as Mums come in a variety of colors. White, yellow, pink, lavender, red, & bronze. They bloom from late August through November after most of the color in your beds are gone for the season.

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