ScapeWorx Pruning in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, & Wallingford PA

Do You Need Pruning & Bush Trimming in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, PA

Bush Trimming can truly be a form of art, when Properly Performed. In Glen Mills, bush shaping an evergreen, a holly, a crape myrtle, a hedge, or whatever it is you have in front of your home, can make or break the appearance of your house. If a mistake is made it can take years for that shrub to grow back.

If you want to get your trees and shrubs to look a certain way or you want a certain type of shape, you’ve got to use different techniques for bush trimming in Glen Mills. There are over 4,200 different types of shrubs in our area.

Although certain types may look similar, because they are in the same family, each one is a little different. Different techniques for bush trimming a Glen Mills property may be used to shape and prune them.

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ScapeWorx Pruning in Media, Garnet Valley, Glen Mills, & Wallingford PA

Prune Your Shrubs for Health, Not Just Aesthetics

Shrub Pruning if done correctly is extremely good for the overall health of the plant. It also trains the shrub how to grow, and improves the quality of the flowers, stems, and foliage. Let our skilled team at ScapeWorx give your property that curb appeal that it deserves.

Pruning is important because it rejuvenates the plant. Trimming all of the dead and dying leaves and branches from a plant, it allows the plant to focus it’s energy on growing the healthy parts of the plant, rather than struggling to try and repair the damaged and dying. This makes it more vibrant, makes it grow better, and pruning actually can train the bush how to grow.

ScapeWorx Shrub Pruning Gives Your Home in Garnet Valley, Glen Mills, & Media Curb Appeal

ScapeWorx Pruning in Garnet Valley, Glen Mills, Media, PA

At ScapeWorx, we take no shortcuts in anything we do. We trim everything perfectly, while pruning away all of the dead, dying, and disease prone areas of the plant.

Many landscaping companies neglect to perform proper pruning when they are trimming your bushes, trees and shrubs and proper pruning is very important to the overall health of the shrub, bush, or tree.

ScapeWorx in Glen Mills can trim the bushes and the lawn around it. We can sculpt your bush or shrub into any shape you desire.

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The Top 7 Reasons to Prune Your Shrubs

1.) Vigor – Prune to strengthen your plants

2.) Shape – Keep the appearance of your home balanced

3.) Health – Remove diseased, dying, or unwanted branches

4.) Size – Keep the size of the plant where it needs to be

5.) Growth – Proper pruning will encourage overall plant growth>

6.) Flowers – Appropriate pruning will boost the flowers on your shrubs & trees

7.) Train – Teach your plants how to grow with the correct structure

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