Mulch in Garnet Valley, Glen Mills, Media, & Wllingford, PA

ScapeWorx 1-of-a-Kind Professional Mulch Installation in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, and Wallingford, PA

If you’re in need of a Professional Mulch Installation in Glen MillsGarnet Valley, Media, Wallingford, PA or anywhere else in Delaware County or Chester County PA give ScapeWorx a call or fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form to receive a quote.

Besides adding curb appeal and beauty to your home, a ScapeWorxMulch Installation adds an artistic flair that serves some significant purposes. It retains moisture in the soil which is very beneficial for your plants, shrubs, and small trees. Mulch acts as an insulator, keeping your beds cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. It helps in the prevention of weeds. It also adds nutrients to the soil.

Get a Professional Mulch Installation in Glen Mills from ScapeWorx

Mulch in Media, Garnet Valley, Glen MIlls, & Wallingford PA

We use the best quality mulch you can buy. What makes all our mulch different is our edging, how smooth our mulch is, how every tree, and lawn element is mounded perfectly. When we do mulch, everything has to have its own definition. In Glen Mills, when flower bed mulching is done right, your property will pop. We do that by digging a nice deep edge around the elements of your lawn and it makes your mulch stand out from your lawn. We make sure everything is real defined, real precise, and every tree is properly isolated from the lawn.

ScapeWorx Mulch Installation Service will make your home the envy of your neighborhood. Our highly experienced team will ensure that no wood chip will go unturned. We offer the highest quality of mulch available. All mulch that is dyed is done so with a powder dye, ensuring its long lasting color. Liquid dyed mulches tend to discolor very quickly, leaving a faded, old, washed out look.

Mulches Offered

Triple Shredded Black

Triple Shredded Brown

Triple Shredded Bark – Organic

Double Shredded Red

Certified Playground

Wood Chips


Did You Know…

that a mulched tree can as much as triple in size as a tree that has no mulch…

that mulch breaks down over time and feeds the soil and helps prevent winter injury…

that mulch supresses weeds and helps the soil retain moisture…

For a one of a kind Mulch Experience call ScapeWorx Landscaping at 484 684 5500 today.

We service all of Glen Mills PA, Garnet Valley PA, Media PA, & Wallingford, PA.


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