Lawn Fertilization by ScapeWorx

Lawn Fertilization is one of ScapeWorx’s most popular lawn services. Some companies use a blanket approach to lawn fertilizing. We think your yard deserves more attention than that!

Every house on your block could have a different kind of weed lurking in it’s yard. Some might have Nimblewill, some might have Crab Grass or Ground Ivy. Every property can have a different weed, so every fertilization job we perform is tailored to your home. Our Specialists know how to access your yard and deliver Professional Lawn Fertilization.

We apply liquid fertilizer during parts of the year. Liquid fertilizer is quickly absorbed into your turf and plants in about an hour, leaving your lawn safe to walk on.

We also utilize granular fertilizers at certain times of the year, for particular applications. Lyme is one of them, we use it to help balance the pH in your lawn. We use a slow-release granular fertilizer during the wintertime for the winterization application of your lawn, this gives your lawn the nutrients and nourishment it needs to survive the long winter ahead. We also apply granular in the summer during certain climate conditions.

ScapeWorx Tailors Their Services to Your Needs

Lawn Fertilization Services in Glen Mills, West Chester, Media, and Garnet Valley, PAThere are many different ways your lawn can get weeds. But usually once you have a thick healthy lawn it will remain weed-free as long as you continue to fertilize it and follow our program. It is also important to use a professional lawn care company like ScapeWorx for lawn mowing. We employee skilled professionals who know the fundamentals of grass cutting. For instance, if someone scalps your lawn, that area will be extremely susceptible to weeds all over again.

Our fertilization is Organic-Based. To kill weeds and get your lawn green and healthy, some chemicals are almost always necessary. But we use far less than the average lawn care company, because the organic fertilizer we use contains bio stimulants allowing your turf and grass to absorb the chemicals faster which is also very good for the environment.

If you wish to use only 100% organic fertilizer, it will take your lawn three to five years to obtain an overall green and healthy appearance. Most home owners aren’t going to wait that long. So our normal fertilization process utilizes a Hybrid program that uses less than half the amount of chemicals than the average lawn care company.

We know that a program for lawn fertilization that works in one area, may not work right for another. So we tailor our lawn care services to the local climate and growing conditions in your area. We also know that different people have individual preferences for lawn care services. That’s why we offer you choices.

The key benefits of proper lawn care fertilization are:

  • A Thicker Lush Green Turf
  • A Lawn That Stays Green Longer
  • A Healthier, More Attractive Lawn
  • A More Stress-Resistant Lawn

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