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Do You Need a Leaf Cleanup Service?

Getting the leaves off your lawn is essential for preserving the overall aesthetics and curb appeal of your home!
Even in the wintertime your lawn must have light and moisture. Decomposing leaves will prevent these two elements. A leaf Cleanup can take care of that.
Leaves can damage your grass and result in an unhealthy lawn. Also, wet leaves on your walkways and driveway can become slippery and may cause a risk to family members and friends.

When it comes to Leaf Clean-ups, we hit every square inch of the property with high velocity wind.
Depending on the size and needs of your lawn, we will utilize two to eight different types of blowers.
We’re very meticulous when we do our leaf clean-ups ensuring your lawn will usually look cleaner than it does in the summertime.
We make sure there is not one piece of debris left on the lawn, not one chopped leaf, nothing.
We employ high velocity wind blowers to gather all of the leaves into a pile. We then vacuum them up and take them away.
Some people like to shred the leaves up, and it is good for the lawn to shred them up and leave them on the lawn, which requires extra services to ensure the leaves are shredded very fine.
We recommend having them cleaned up and removed.

ScapeWorx Leaf Clean up Before Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, & Wallingford PA


ScapeWorx Leaf Clean up After Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, & Wallingford PA


7 Reasons You Need Your Leaves Cleaned Up Today

Leaf Clean up in Media PA - ScapeWorx Landscaping
Clean Up in west Chester PA, Media, Glen Mills, Garnet Valley - ScapeWorx Landscaping
Leaf Clean Up in west Chester PA, Media, Glen Mills, Garnet Valley - ScapeWorx Landscaping
Clean Up in West Chester PA, Media, Garnet Valley, & Glen Mills - ScapeWorx Landscaping

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