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Why Invest in a Grading or Drainage Solution?

Grading is done for a number of reason. One of which is to redirect water away from the house and into a controlled location that was made to collect water. By doing so, this protects your plants, lawn, and most importantly the foundation of your home.

We can also design a drainage solution to collect running water. After evaluating your home, we can install pop up drains, yard drainage systems, and we also do swales for surface draining. During the process, we’ll help you make a decision on which solution is best for the case you’re in. After all, not all properties are the same, so our team will help identify problem areas and create a unique solution.

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Case Study: Garnet Valley Drainage Issues

We helped a family in Garnet Valley with a drainage problem as well as exposed street drainage pipes installed by the city. To assist, we re-graded the entire front and back lawn and also added some pretty nice size boulders to hold everything in place.

Because this property had township street drains running right through their backyard (which were about a foot in diameter). We installed the steppers for functionality and also to hide the ugly pipe. You can’t see it from the picture but we also fabricated and created a concrete channel drain so the water would go underneath the steps, while at the same time providing structural integrity.

The back lawn was also elevated and properly pitched so we could control the flow of water and keep it away from the home. The drainage basin was installed so when we had torrential downpours the water had a place to go because of Bethel townships existing drainage system.

Drainage in Media PA
Grading & Drainage in Media PA

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