A Core Aeration Will Give Your Lawn A Breath of Fresh Air! We Service Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, and Wallingford, PA.

Core Aeration

Of all the things that build a healthy, thick lawn, core aeration is second only to lawn fertilizing. Core Aeration reduces thatch in your lawn while it opens the way for air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots of the turf. The ScapeWorx Landscaping team of lawn care professionals know exactly how to apply this service in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Media, and West Chester, PA giving you a healthy green lawn.

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Core aeration has many benefits.

Aerating ScapeWorx in West Chester Pa, Glen Mills, Media, & Garnet Valley


The Top 7 Reasons Why You Aerate Your Lawn: 

  1. It will Help Your Lawn Breathe
  2. Core Aeration Reduces Soil Compaction
  3. It Enhances Soil Water Uptake
  4. It Promotes Stronger Root Growth
  5. Aeration Breaks Down Thatch Build Up
  6. It Enhances Heat & Drought Stress Tolerances
  7. It Improves the Overall Health of Your Lawn

Softer Soil from Core Aeration for a Healthy Green Lawn

Hard soils become very compacted over time. Hard soil particles are small and tightly packed with little space for water, air and root movement. Turf grass has a tough time growing deep roots when it has to fight so hard for room to grow.

Core Aeration services from ScapeWorx Landscaping allow the soil to “relax” or expand, becoming softer, which means roots can penetrate deeper. Over a period of time, this results in soil that is softer and more open. Lawn core aeration is one of the best things you can do to improve and grow your lawn.

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Aerating 2 ScapeWorx in West Chester Pa, Glen Mills, Media, & Garnet Valley    Core Aeration Plugs in West Chester PA, Media, Glen Mills, & Garnet Valley by ScapeWorx

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