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Thistle Weed in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Glen MIlls, & Wallingford PAGet Yourself a Weeding/Bed Maintenance Package in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, or Media PA

Your home’s appearance is a direct reflection on You. That’s why we at ScapeWorx can’t stress to you enough the importance of a Glen Mills Bed Maintenance package.
Regular maintenance is essential. Without it, the quality of the initial landscaping job will deteriorate.
You may be concerned that there isn’t enough time for you to fully commit to your landscaping in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, and Media PA.
There are thousands of different types of weeds in our area and some of them like thistle you can’t just yank out because it will come back stronger.
Well what do you do…
Don’t worry yourself any longer the professional at ScapeWorks are at your service, and we know how to deal with your unwanted weeds.
At ScapeWorx in Glen Mills we guarantee to keep your beds looking their absolute best. We edge your beds by hand for pinpoint accuracy at the beginning of the season.

Weeding in Garnet Valley, Media, Glen MIlls, & Wallingford PAGet Rid of Those Unwanted Weeds Today!

With our Glen Mills bed maintenance package you can stay on top of those unwanted weeds.
Pre-emergents when applied at the right time will help out dramatically.
It won’t kill any existing weeds but it will help prevent new from germinating.
Of course, there’s regular clean up of the beds, leaves and other debris.
Then there is the mulch…
Not only is mulch an attractive addition to your beds, it’s pivotal to the suppression of your weeds.
When applied at the proper depth which is 2 to 3 inches, it blocks sun light and helps smother those unwanted weeds.
You can find out more details by clicking on our mulching link.
We also provide Landscape Design, Patios, Walkways, Fire PitsMulching, Pruning, Sod and Plant Installations, Landscape Lighting, just to name a few.

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