ScapeWorx Landscaping’s Bed Maintenance Packages in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, West Chester, and Media PA

Your home’s appearance is a direct reflection on you. That’s why we at ScapeWorx can’t stress the importance of Bed Maintenance enough. Regular maintenance is essential. Without it, the quality of the initial landscaping job will deteriorate. You may be concerned that there isn’t enough time for you to fully commit to your landscaping in Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, and Media PA. Well, worry no longer the professional at ScapeWorks are at your service.

At ScapeWorx we guarantee to keep your beds looking their absolute best. We edge your beds by hand for pinpoint accuracy at the beginning of the season.

When it comes to pruning, we are well-versed in both the natural or the symmetrical look. We can accommodate any need or request that you might have. Shrubs are regeneratively hand pruned and aesthetically shaped. Dead, dying, and unwanted branches will be removed. This is done in order to maintain a healthy thriving shrub, perennial, or small tree.

Of course, there’s regular clean up of the beds, leaves and other debris.

Then there is the mulch… And who does that better than ScapeWorx??? Not only is mulch an attractive addition to your beds, it’s pivotal to the suppression of weeds. You can find out more details by clicking on our mulching link.

We make sure your beds are weeded on a bi-weekly basis. Pre- and post- emergents are used to help control weeds.

ScapeWorx provides Bed Maintenance service to Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, and Media PA.

Give us a call at (484) 684-5500 and talk to one of our team members or you can also request a free, no-hassle quote by using our FREE ESTMATE form. It only takes a minute to fill out.


You can CLICK HERE to view all of our craftsmanship and manufacturer warranties. WE STAND BY OUR WORK 100%!

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