Signs It Is Time To Have Your Lawn Re-Graded

Most homeowners spend upwards of $12,000 a year on improvement projects. Many of these projects are designed to make the outside of a home more appealing. Keeping your lawn in pristine condition will require both persistence and the help of professionals. Making sure your lawn is properly draining is vital when trying to avoid flooding and erosion issues. One of the best ways to smooth out the natural slopes your yard has is by investing in professional grading services.

With the professional grading services offered by ScapeWorx Landscaping, you can avoid drainage issues while adding more appeal to this part of your home. Over time, the slopes created by grading may start to erode. When this happens, you need to have your lawn re-graded. Here are some signs you will notice when it is time to schedule a re-grading of your lawn.

Signs It Is Time To Have Your Lawn Re-Graded

Pools Of Water and Marshy Soil

Having a yard full of lush green grass is what most homeowners aspire to. When grading issues are present, parts of your lawn will become a soupy and muddy mess. If you start to notice that large pools of water and marshy soil are invading your home’s exterior, then you are probably in need of re-grading. Allowing these pools to remain near the foundation of your home can cause extensive damage.

This is why you have to take action as soon as you notice these pools of water forming. The ideal lawn will help to move water away from your home instead of allowing it to remain in puddles. With our grading services, you can get rid of these puddles for good.

The Appearance of Tough Weeds

If you are familiar with residential lawn maintenance, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of weeds. In most cases, ongoing issues with particularly hard-to-get rid of weeds are caused by grading issues. Lawns that are not properly graded can develop patches that are hard for seeds to penetrate. When this happens, these areas will be overwhelmed by tough weeds.

Removing these areas is only possible with professional grading. Instead of spending an untold amount of money and time trying to remove these weeds, you need to invest in our grading services.

Eroded Areas Can Signify The Need For Re-Grading

Soil erosion is quite common on lawns that need to be graded. The uneven surfaces created by this lack of pitch can lead to the topsoil eroding. When this happens, all of the nutrients your grass needs to grow are washed away. This will lead to large patches of brown grass. If you want to fix these problems, you need to explore your lawn grading options. A member of our team can walk you through how the lawn grading process works and what you can expect once we are through.

If you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned in this article, it is time to take action. With our help, you can get your lawn back in pristine condition in no time.

Importance Of Proper Drainage And Grading In Landscaping

Landscaping drainage and grading are essential aspects of any successful design. Any home and property owner who has experienced drainage issues will agree that problems won’t go away independently. Without proper drainage and grading, your landscaping will suffer extreme wet and dry conditions, not to mention the possible structural challenges of hardscaping and pest control issues. 

Landscape Drainage

The simplest way to manage lawn drainage problems is to redirect the surface water away from your house. By sloping all of the land, walkways, patios, and driveways away from your home, you are directing water to flow off your property. Grading can be an effective way to keep water from standing in areas around your property. 

If your property slopes towards your home, it will need to be re-graded to address water flow issues. Not only does rain create standing puddles in an undrained landscape, but so does the water that flows off of your home out of gutters. This water can quickly pool up in areas near hardscape structures, decking, and your home’s foundation, causing potential structural problems.

Creating A Swale

A swale, or drainage ditch, can also be created to alleviate drainage issues on your property. Swales subtly lead surface water to a lower elevation on our property, such as a street gutter or nearby wooded area. Landscape grading can also be done so that the surface water from the drainage swale just eventually dissipates if needed. Some swales can involve pipes; others may not; it all depends on your landscape’s specific needs. 


Swales and grading can also be used to direct water flow to a landscape drain. Drains are contained devices with a grate cover intended to accept run-off water. Set at lower elevations, drains capture water in a container then direct it through a pipe. This pipe then leads the water to an intended area which can even be a garden or natural pond. 

Landscape Grading

Landscape grading should be considered, if possible, in your landscape design. When planned in conjunction with landscaping, grading can increase both the aesthetics and function of your landscape. However, it is possible to successfully grade your landscape after the fact that if problems arise at any point, it just might be a little more involved at that point.

Professional Landscaping Services

If you are planning new landscaping or having drainage issues with your current property, hiring professional landscaping services is advised. At ScrapeWorx Landscaping, we provide experienced and professional landscaping services designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Call today to find out how we can help you with all of your landscaping needs. 

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